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Chezbeo Homestay
Most amazing views and great atmosphere with the family
Natural valley
Most amazing views and great atmosphere with the family
Perfect Place For Stay

Staying at the heart of the famous attractions and beautiful spots of Ninh Binh,
our dear guests can easily visit all the sights by bikes conveniently.

This place is the jewel of Vietnam!
We got filled with awe as soon as we discovered the place. It is a "must do" touristic experience by itself,
and a cheap one with that!
A little paradise with a lovely staff
Everything was amazing there. We very enjoyed this place and the staff was very friendly and helpfull.
Chezbeo was a great
and atypical Airbnb experience.
The reviews are so good, I expected it to be slightly less rustic than the pictures look.
Overall, an amazing experience!
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Among beauty spots & relics

As a gift of the Nature Mother, Che Beo Valley possesses the natural beauty including mountains, water, wetland and wild species with greenery and flowers all the year. Staying here, you can visit all beauty spots and relics of Ninh Binh easily.

Environment friendly property & sustainable development

Perceived the importance of the environment, we always try to minimize the use of concrete in constructing our property. Our rooms and bungalows are made of bamboo, palm leaves and normal wood. Please help support us to protect the environment.

Enjoy local food with family

You’ll have free breakfast with simple western or local breakfast dish like “Phở” (chicken or beef).   Lunch and dinner will be served by orders including typical food of local people in general and together with traditional Vietnamese food. Especially, during dinner time, you will join meal with all family members and all guests staying here that make you unforgettable.

Challenge yourself here

Have you ever rowed a boat? If yes, it’s now your time for you to show your skill by rowing our boat with your friends exploring the beauty of the natural valley. And if you are a like climber, here is where you can challenge yourself to conquer the height of surrounded mountains.

Enjoy beauty spots & relics in Ninh Binh

Since Ninh Binh owns many beautiful and amazing relics, coming here you will have opportunities to explore the natural beauty of Ninh Binh by yourselves.

Make your new friends

We have received guests from different parts of the world so you will have chances to meet new friends that broaden your network and relationship.

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